The following is a growing list of tutorials that you may find helpful as you explore new processes or need to refresh on old ones.

These are NOT assignment documents. If you are working on a weekly animation assignment please refer to the Weekly Class Schedule

as there are will be additional details you will need to complete any given assignment.




How to Reserve a Downshooter (Video 01:30)


Free Downloadable Digital Painting Tutorials




Adobe After Effects

Adobe Bridge

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Premiere



Quicktime 7

Story App

Six-Second Film Strip

Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

TV Paint


Miscilanious Tutorials





Adobe After Effects

Jazz Lip-Sync/After Effects: Composite Tutorial Videos (10 minutes)





Adobe Bridge/Image Sorting

Re-Arrange and Batch Rename in Adobe Bridge (Video 02:45)

Bridge-Reversing Image Sequences in Adobe Bridge.pdf

Bridge-Sorting Images in Adobe Bridge.pdf






Adobe Photoshop

Animating GIFs in Photoshop.pdf

Batch Resizing Using Photo Shop.pdf

Exporting Photoshop Layers Sequence Files.pdf

Sweeten, Frame, Convert and Export Pitchable Panels (Video 03:12)

Corrie Frances-Parks: Photoshop Animation Workflow (Video 20 minutes)






Adobe Premiere

Six Panel Story: Simple Story Rell Edit in Premiere Pro (6 Videos 12 Minutes)

Premeire-Quick Start Guide.pdf

Premiere-Project Set Up, Edit and Export.pdf

Premiere-Beginner How-to Video Editing Techniques.pdf






Chronosync/File Management

Chronosync Video Tutorials: Complete Playlist (3 Videos 6 Minutes/1 PDF)


Project File Structure Workflow and Organization.pdf


01: Set Up Personal Hard Drive 01:03

02: Sync Personal Hard Drive to Network/Class Folders 02:45

03: Setting up a Sync Container 01:57




Dragonframe-Quickstart Guide for Downshooters-Set Up, Animate and Export.pdf


Dragonframe Basics (Video 01:53)


For a whole library of official Dragonframe tutorials go here. . .


EOS Live-viewcalibration cap.pdf






Quicktime 7

Quicktime 7 Pro-Converting an Image Sequence.pdf

Creating an Image Sequence in Quicktime 7 Pr0.pdf






Story App Web-Page & Video Tutorials

Offical JSL Story App Page

Story App Tutorials: Complete Playlist (5 Videos 11 minutes)






Six-Second Film Strip

Six-second Film Strip Page






Toon Boom Harmony

Toon Boom Student Activation Instructions

Toon Boom Harmony E-learning Courses






Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

Toon Boom Student Activation Instructions

Storyboard Pro Storyboarding Artist Journey

Storyboard Pro E-learning Courses







TV Paint

1.Introducing the Interface

2.Create and Save a Project

3.Animation Basics

4.Inbetween and Light Table

5.Coloring with CTG Layers: the Basics


Storyboarding/Storyreel in TV Paint

Exporting Story Thumbnail Pages in TV Paint

TVP Keyboard Shortcuts 2018





Miscilanious Tutorials

Free Downloadable Digital Painting Tutorials

Formatting Hard Drive to Mac/PC in Three Easy Steps

How to Reserve a Downshooter

Smart Phone Animation

Setting up a VPN

Syncing your Phone to Google Photos

BCA_Check-out System Video Training Page





































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