Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation


Artist Statement

As a 3D artist, I see art like a ball of clay ready to be crushed, stretched, and sculpted into its perfected form. As a digital ball of clay in the computer, I find ways to bring out my creative ideas into life on the screen. I’m very inspired by 3D environmental artists and work hard to achieve their level of greatness! I’m surrounded by great examples of environmental scenes everywhere I look. As I travel, I analyze objects, surfaces, and scenes. I break down their structures in my head and build strategies to replicate these objects to create new and exciting worlds in virtual reality.


Plans after graduation

I have been a fan of Virtual Reality from video games, museum tours, and 3D simulators. With what I have learned at CMU, I plan to work towards becoming a 3D environmental artist to bring new and exciting Virtual Reality worlds for people to explore.




Design and Demo for a 3D Psychological Horror VR Game


Project Synopsis

This project is a 3D VR Horror Demo about Detective Bates searching through the burned-out Carinwood Mansion, in the Pennsylvania countryside, to solve the mysterious deaths of seven individuals who died while encountering paranormal experiences. Each death, related to the one of the seven deadly sins.

Detective Bates (as you the player) will navigate seven rooms in the burned-out mansion to find letters, personal belongings, and other clues to help identify the remains of each victim. You, as Detective Bates, have PTSD from a prior accident. Because of this, your perception is skewed and rooms in the mansion will often shift back and forth from the present burned-out shell to a pristine glamorous mansion in the height of its glory.

As Detective Bates, you are not alone for paranormal beings will guide you through each of the deadly sins.


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Making of "7"

3D Models & Enviroments