Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation


Artist Statement

As a young girl growing up in a blended and biracial family, I’ve had many experienced and challenges regarding race and cultural expectations. These experiences have helped shaped me into the artist I am today.

Milly’s Magical Library is a children’s series about a girl who finds a magical library in her attic. The protagonist, Milly, is a young girl in a biracial family. I’ve chosen not to have Milly’s racial identity at the center of the series, but rather I’ve focused on her adventures and personal growth. Milly’s race is not a token feature of the series, but instead a call to normalize what is already a common form of family in contemporary culture.

Plans after graduation

After graduation I plan on applying to 2D animation studios as a background/character designer or animator. I will also pursue freelance commissions and continue working to strengthen my skill-sets during the application process.



Pitch Bible and Show Opener for a Children's Animated Series


Project Synopsis

“What if there was a hidden magical library in your attic, where the stories in the books, become a reality?”

Milly Webster, as the 5th youngest of 6 children, is used to being overlooked so she was not surprised she had gotten the most boring room in their new home. Little did she know her new room would be a passageway to a magical library. . . and endless adventures. The books in this library magically transport their readers inside the stories to enjoy new worlds and countless adventures.

The series opens with the Webster family moving to new city. Initially, Milly is not too happy about the move, as she will have to go to a new school and start her life over. Then one day she finds a small doorin her bedroom that leads up to an expansive library. Millie starts off as unsure and quiet but as the series progresses, she gains confidence and a love for adventure as she finds herself through the new experiences in each book.

I believe it is very important for kids to see themselves in these stories, figuring out who they are along with Milly, and I want this show to encourage them to be courageous enough and to be brave enough to be themselves.


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The Making of "Millie's Magical Library"

Character Design

Color Concept Art