Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation


Artist Statement

When thinking about my process and how I work with materials, it closely relates to and bleeds into every aspect of my life. I am constantly pushing and breaking down my materials, reworking and re-putting back together until I can’t. I’m curious what makes a material, how I can mold it and what it means to force it to change.

Plans after graduation

After college, I plan to submit my thesis project Sourz to festivals and eventually earn my MFA.



A Four-part Abstract Animated Film


Project Synopsis

I use a collection of chemicals and mark-making to search for my answers. This process closely relates to how I view and how I treat my body and mind. My process is therapeutic to this mindset. I want to merge the physical realm and the digital realm together via animation. My pieces aren’t complete without the physical remnants of that experimentation.

I use toxic chemicals and mark-making to achieve how I feel towards myself and my music.


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Making of "Sourz"


Production Stills