Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation


Artist Statement

Beginning her career at CMU as a biochemistry major, May obtained a graphic design BFA in May of 2019. May often draws inspiration for her art and design by watching Saturday morning cartoons and figuring out the backs of cereal boxes.

“I work with visual language. Storytelling and narrative in design and animation. My art invites viewers to get lost for some time in a world apart from theirs, in the hope that when they return to their own reality, bringing with them a renewed sense of wonder and curiosity in their surroundings.”


Plans after graduation

May recently began working as a graphic designer and motion graphics artist at SET SEG in East Lansing, Michigan. May plans to continue freelancing in design and animation while submitting work to film festivals. She will also be leading a virtual workshop on drawing and design at the 2020 FanCon outside Chicago this July.



A Web-based Animated Graphic Novel


Project Synopsis

Taking inspiration from Jen Wang and Rosemary Valero-O’Connell, Rigor Mortis has been a journey that has let me explore storytelling through a graphic novel lens. Creating digital scenes with a high level of detail and layered patterns gives an immersive effect that is complimented by simple animations. These come together to tell a chapter in the lives of an unusual group of people who could learn a thing or two from the taboo undead.


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Making of "Rigor Mortis"

Kitchen Page

A page from the graphic novel. Vlad doesn’t get too many visitors-live ones, and anyways. . . he likes it like that.


Character Design

Turnarounds of Vlad (top), Bennie (middle), and Eck (bottom). These are our main trio, where Eck’s high-energy, curious persona gets reclusive Vlad and Bennie into some very interesting situations.


Mansion Exploration

The house where it all happens. This mansion once belonged to Vlad’s parents, which he has now inherited and has turned the ground floor into his mortician’s practice.


Grand Staircase

A look into Vlad’s home, a place of mysterious objects, hidden passages, and sometimes forgotten spirits.



Another look into Vlad’s well-worn home. The never-ending network of halls and passageways could have anyone (or any spirit) lost for days.