Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation


Artist Statement

As a 3D Generalist and Animator, I want to make things that bring out the imagination of others. Practicing on images from my favorite video games, such Overwatch, I think about how they created entire worlds in 3D space and how all the separate pieces fit together and were animated. This allows me to think about how my own designs will come together. I want to use my drawings and designs and my abilities to build and animate in 3D, ultimately to bring joy to others.


Plans after graduation

Now leaving the school environment I will be continue with personal projects in 3D work while looking for a employment in the 3D industry. During this time, I will also submit “Longaberger Baskets” to film festivals to show the public all the hard work I did while in school.


A Charcoal Animated Short Film

Project Synopsis

“Longaberger Baskets” is a traditionally animated piece drawn directly under the camera in charcoal. The film highlights cherished memories that my father, sister and I have of my mother.

I wanted to honor the hard working, creative, and strong women that was my mother. It was through her influence that I strive to be a creative person, and besides – I had to get some of my weird personality traits from someone.

“Longaberger Baskets” is a project that has allowed me to work long hours towards something that I think my mom would love to see and something that makes myself and those who knew her smile. To me this isn’t a sad film. It is a film that shows the love and happy memories underneath the loss of my mother.

While it is sad that she is gone, the impact she had on our lives will always be remembered.


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Making of “Longaberger Baskets”

Charcoal Production Stills