Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation


Artist Statement

Ben’s work is primarily focused on 3D animation and modeling though he designs his own characters and is proficient in 2D animation as well. While studying animation at CMU Ben has created assets for 3D games, working through the entire pipeline from modeling, texture, rigging and animation. Ben’s other interest lie in storyboards, concept art, and pre-visualization. ...


Plans after graduation

After graduation, Ben hopes to pursue a career in video game production as a character artist and modeler, working for a studio where he can develop his personal artistry and technical skills.



3D Character Design and Game Demo


Project Synopsis

The goal of the project was to design a cast of characters and take one of them "monty" down the entire character development pipeline. The characters began as 2D concept art, and then were sculpted as 3D digital models. The Monty character was then selected to be animated, coded, and imported into video game software for the demo.


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Making of “KnightSchool”


Character Designs


3D Modeling and Texture