Bachelor of Fine Arts in Animation


Artist Statement

Maggie is a 2D animator who is influenced by the events and people that surround her in everyday life along with her favorite cartoons. As a storyteller, she creates characters based on people she knows by exaggerating form, color, and story-lines to create something entirely new. Maggie is a determined artist who keeps pushing forward until one day when she is producing original cartoons out of her own animation studio. Maggie’s list of artistic achievements to date include the Best Bumper Award from the Traverse City Film Festival, an animated Running Deer Zoetrope sculpture exhibited at Art Reach of Mid-Michigan and a Merit Award in the Annual Juried CMU Student Art Exhibition.

Plans after graduation

Maggie plans on applying her Spirit of Anda project to festivals, apprenticeships, and job openings. She also hopes to continue her creation of personal projects while taking commissions on the side.




A Horror Themed Trailer for an Animated Short Film


Project Synopsis

Anda, a determined young adventurer, sets out to prove that ghosts are real but soon realizes that she should have been wary of the three friends she has trusted to share her adventures.

The trailer is shown from the perspective of three friends who bully Anda and black mail her into an abandoned building just before is comes crashing down. Anda survives with a badass scar but the three friends do not, and instead are forced into limbo for their crimes, forever baring the marks of their death.


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Making of "Spirit of Anda"

Color Concept Art

Character Design