Hey Animators!

The Spring showcase is rapidly approaching and we wanted to get the word out that we will have a jury of outside animators reviewing your entries.  The submission categories are limited to make the panel's job easier. 

With the exception of Cut-out Lip-syncs, submissions are due NEXT THURSDAY APRIL 27th AT 10AM*.


Three Easy Steps

1. Follow the link below to the Jury Submission Folders page.

2. Name your project file as specified.

3. Submit your piece to the folder that best fits your work.


File Naming

last name / First name _ categoryName_nameOfPiece

Example: simpsonBart_stopMotion 2D_playingInTraffic


Jury Submission Folders - Click Here

Cut-out Lip-sync - Late deadline MAY 01 10AM

AE - Alien Planet

3D - Character Animation

Stop Motion - 3D Clay - Limit two entries per animator

Stop Motion - 2D

Toon Boom - Flying Machines

Toon Boom - Character Lip-sync

Micro Shorts

Junior PSA’s

*Senior Thesis Projects

Open Category - Not sure - drop it here



*If you have a piece that is close to final by the deadline you can submit it with WIP in the file name and then drop the completed file by no later than the following SATURDAY 10AM (April 29th)