Animation BFA Mid-Tier Review Guidelines 2020


The following is information that should make your Animation BFA Mid-Tier Review relatively painless.  Please read carefully and contact the animation faculty with any questions you may have.

Application Due Date: March 4th

Application Dropbox: Application and artwork should be submitted to the BFA_mtReviewDropBox_2020 on OneDrive.

Single Application Folder: Place all assets in a single folder named last name - first Initial - BFA - mtReview - 2020.

Application Folder Name: simpsonB_animBFA_mtReview_2020


Mid-Tier Review Assets


1. Animation BFA Mid-Tire Review Form: 

Download and complete the animBFA_mtReview_2020.pdf.  Rename and save as the following:

    File Name: simpsonB_animBFA_mtReview_2020.pdf

2. One-Minute Demo Reel: 

Your demo reel should be a compilation of your best work to date.  Use Premiere to extract the highlights of your work and cut them together to a musical backdrop.

    9 Things to know about building a Demo Reel:

        1. Project File Structure.  If you take the time to set this up at the beginning, not only will your editing go smoothly, you’ll have it to build on for the next reel update.
        2. Title Card. State your name and area of focus in the title card.
        3. Closing Credits. Include your email address and a link to an on-line portfolio if you have one. 
        4. Best Work Forward. When possible, your best work should be at the beginning with nice highlights throughout.  
        5. Keep Things Tight. Trim your best works to include only highlights.  Think of it like a trailer for a movie instead of a showcase for completed works.
        6. Musical Backdrop. Choose something upbeat that won’t distract from your work. Though copyright is NOT an issue for demo reels, avoid super popular songs. 
        7. Managing Sync-Sound. If your animation contains synced audio consider two segments on your reel; one cut to music and a second showcasing pieces with original sound. 
        8. On-Screen Reel Annotation. Group projects should include on-screen annotations.  The annotation should be located in the lower corner of the screen and list the project name and your specific contribution to the piece. Here’s a quick and easy Premiere Pro titles tutorial.
        9. Export Compression.  Export video as 1920 x 1080, H.264 to insure playability. If your file is more than 300 MB you’ve exported it at the wrong compression.

      Naming: simpsonB_animBFA_demoReel_2020.mp4

3. Digital Portfolio:

Provide up to 20 high resolution images of your best still art.  Studio work, concept art, character designs and supplemental pieces are all acceptable.  This should include works completed for studio classes outside of animation as well as personal work you have completed on your own.  You may also include commissioned work.  Physical pieces may not be submitted so please be mindful of quality when photographing your 2D and 3D work. Compile images into a single pdf file.

    Naming: simpsonB_animBFA_portfolio_2020.pdf

4. Story Reel: (optional)

Story reels must be under three minutes in length.  Excerpts are allowed.

    Naming: simpsonB_animBFA_storyReel_2020.mp4