2023 BFA Application Page


Welcome to the 2023 Animation BFA Application process! The following is information that should make your BFA application process relatively painless. Please read carefully and contact the animation faculty with any questions you may have.

Important Links

2023 Animation BFA_Application Form.pdf

BFA_application DropBox_2023

Advising Sign-up Sheet


Application Instructions

1. Application Due Date: Complete and upload all application materials by Friday February 17 Midnight

2. Application Dropbox: Application and artwork should be submitted to the BFA_application DropBox_2023 on Google Drive.

3. Single Application Folder: Place all assets in a single folder named lastnameFirstInitial_BFA_2023.

4. Sign up for a 2023/2024 Advising: Sign up for an advising session here. Fall Registration for 23/24 Juniors begins February 22.


Application Assets

1. Animation BFA Application Form:  Download and complete the animBFA_application_2023.pdf.  Rename and save as the following:

File Name: simpsonB_animBFA_application_2023.pdf


2. Animation Demo Reel: (1 min. max)  Cut together a compilation of your best animation into a demo reel.  While you want to put your best work forward, we recommend that you include more work, rather work than less as long as you stay under one minute.  At this point in your journey, quantity can be almost as impressive as quality.  This will change soon but take advantage of it while you can. 

    File Name: simpsonB_demoReel_2023.mp4


    3. Digital Portfolio: Provide 10 to 20 high resolution images of your best still art.  Character designs, illustrations, photography and scanned pages from your sketchbook are all acceptable.  This should include works completed for studio classes outside of animation and personal work you have completed on your own.  You may also include commissioned work.  Physical pieces may not be submitted so please be mindful of quality when photographing your 2D and 3D work.  A little natural lighting goes a long way. 

    Use Adobe Acrobat to combine all of your images in a single PDF file in the order you would like us to view them. Start with your most accomplished images and end with less refined images (ie. simple sketches and examples from your sketchbook).

File Name: simpsonB_portfolio_2023.pdf


4. Storyreel Excerpt Reel: (3 min. max - optional)  Cut together footage from your best storyreels in a way that shows a solid grasp of visual story, cinematography, and character blocking.   These don't need to be polished images as much as they should show readability and continuity.

    File Name: simpsonB_storyReel_2023.mp4























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