Tips and Tricks: Animation Design Helps

The following is a growing list of animation and design tips that you may find helpful as you engage new concepts or need to refresh on old ones.

These are NOT assignment documents. If you are working on a weekly animation assignment please refer to the Weekly Class Schedule

as there are will be additional details you will need to complete any given assignment.

The 12 Basic Principles of Animation 

"The Illusion of Life" movie

"The Illusion of Life" text

"The Illusion of Life" GIFS

Animation Survial Kit-Richard Williams

Timing and Spacing-Williams

Breakdown and Inbetween-Williams

Building WalkCycle-Williams

Walkcycle-Simple Overview-Williams

Walkcycle with Variations


Preston Blair


Preston Blair-Walk_Run_Skip



Animating to Dialogue

Sample Phonems-Sausage Lips

Sample Phonems-Simple

Animating to Dialogue: Lip-sync tips