Hey folks,


I realize that not having workstations in the foundations lab (W130) presents some complications as far as submitting your work.   This is compounded by the Downshooter Macs having limited access to the network folders, something we are hoping to resolve soon.


In the meantime here is the workflow for accessing the Beginning Animation/@DROPBOX located in Class folders on the Art and Design Network. 


  1. Export a .MP4 movie from Dragonframe as directed in the DF Quickstart Tutorial.
  2. Copy the movie to your portable hard drive (or flash drive if that is all you have at the moment).  Do NOT copy the DF Project as it is extremely large and is only good for archiving your work.
  3. Use your student ID to login to Cmich Gold. From a Finder window type (Cmd K) to connect to the server. Choose (or paste in) smb:// and click Connect.
  4. Browse to the 207 Animation Folder/Dropbox and drag your work from your portable hardrive to the Dropbox. 

Note: This is a "blind" dropbox which means that you will not be able to confirm visually that your work has been submitted.  If you try to resubmit you should get an error so as not to overwrite your first submission.  If you need to submit a revision for any reason DO NOT overwrite the original file.  Simply add an "_02" at the end of your filename and resubmit.

If you have problems you should email me at


For those of you that want to get technical. . . You can also use a VPN connection to submit your work remotely.  To do this you will need to set up your personal computer.  Go to this link for a step by step tutorial.