Before leaving for spring break you'll need to pull together the various elements of your project and submit them for a Mid-semester Review. If you've been following a reasonably good workflow, this should not require a lot of extra work on your part. Please read the list carefully and submit the following:


Take some time to think through the production time left in the remainder of the semester and adjust your production calendar accordingly. The calendar should include spring break and end with the Animation Sr. Showcase.


Submit the following items to 522 Base Camp Animation Seniors 2020/Docs & Files/522_Mid-Semester Update in a single parent folder.

1. Updated Project Treatment: As expected, many of your projects have taken a significant turn since your pitch last semester. Read over your existing Treatment and other documentation to make sure they still accurately reflect the content of your project. This updated document will help us understand how to evaluate your current progress.

The updated documents should include the following item or the agreed apon alternatives: Final title, project description, controlling idea (or theme), plot synopsis, character biographies and sample log lines for multiple episodes.

2. Current Design Workbook: May include project inspiration, environment concept, color scripts, character explorations, pose sheets, prop sheets and character turn-arounds.

3. Updated Progression Reel: As close to final timings as possible your progression reel should include the most current version of animated scenes, musical score and audio effects. Please include a stand-in title card and stand-in closing credits for timing.

4. Production Tests: If you have elements of production that don't appear directly in the progression reel such as animation tests and special effects exploration, please include them here.

File Names - Parent Folder: Working Title - Mid-Semester Update

    1. Project Treatment: workingTitle_treatment_030520.pdf
    2. Design Workbook: workingTitle_designWorkbook_030520.pdf
    3. Progression Reel: workingTitle_progressionReel_030520.mp4
    4. Production Tests: workingTitle_productionTests_030520.mp4



































Stephan Leeper/Central Michigan University 2019