" Simply put, your job is to put your project in our heads . . . and make a convincing case that you and your team-mates are up to the task."



Sr. Project Pitches will not take place until the second week of the fall semester.  That is the first Monday after Labor Day Break.  This should give you time to go over the details of your pitch to make sure everything is in order.  DO NOT wait until August 25th to start working on your pitch!

If you have any questions concerning your pitch please feel free to contact us over the summer.    The best way to do this is to already have work assembled and posted online.  Send us a link so we can view you work and respond accordingly.



Present a comprehensive vision for your Thesis Project including a representation of the work you have done to date, and a realistic plan towards completion over the next nine months.

The Idea: Visually interesting, conceptually engaging and ultimately achievable.  The presentation must be clear, concrete and concise.  You will have 10 minutes to deliver your pitch and 5 minutes for follow up questions.

Length & Complexity:  There are lots of variables depending on skill sets and team size. The following are guidelines to consider.

Short Films - should range between 2 and 5 minutes depending on team size and complexity of your content.

Series Pitch Bibles - should be accompanied by a short animated teaser or a show opener. By incorporating simplicity into your designs, you may be able to make the case for adding complexity in other areas.

Games - should have a limited amount of levels with the possibility of adding more.

Interactive Stories - should be short enough to bring strong visual and interactive design to every page. 

Technology: All proposed projects must be accompanied by a track record of proven technology.  Any plans to use new technology must be explored and demonstrated to a reasonable extent before the incoming fall pitch which means extensive technical research and development during the summer months.

Talent Pool:  We strongly encourage collaboration utilizing the variety of expertise among your peers.  You will need to provide names, roles and work samples of the talent you plan on engaging for your project.  To maintain accountability, key roles must be filled by current seniors working for credit.  Smaller roles may be filled by others on a volunteer basis.



Every student graduating from the Animation Program is required to participate at some level in an approved Sr. Thesis Project.  For various reasons the number of projects allowed to move forward are limited. The following are possible outcomes to the fall pitch process.

Congratulations! . . . Your Project is Green-lit: This means you have the means to move forward on executing your project as pitched.  You can assemble your team (with some help from the faculty) and begin work on any revisions from your pitch notes.

Approval Pending, Continue Development: This means that we are excited about the project but it still needs a level of refinement.  If development is not satisfactory by mid-semester the team could be redistributed to work on other projects.

Research Project and/or Freelance Placement: If your pitch is not approved to move forwrd as a Thesis Project it may be trimmed and resubmitted as a personal Research Project. You will also be assigned to an approved Thesis Project(s) where your skills, artistic style and interests can best be utilized.  Depending on the demand of your particular skill sets these assignments will most likely be on a “freelance” basis.

























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