Working Title/Subject to be Addressed: State your working title, the specific subject you will be addressing in your PSA with a short description of the exact nature of the issue. 

    1. Working Title: " Meltdown"
    2. Subject: Climate Change
    3. Description: Increasing climate change due to excessive carbon monoxide is melting the polar caps and threatening life as we know it everywhere on the planet.
    4. Theme: State in a single sentence what your film is about.

      Example: "What goes around comes around. Melting ice caps to raising shorelines, we're all in this together."

    5. Synopsis: In a SIMPLE paragraph(under 100 words) describe the events of your piece. This is intended to be a broad overview. 

      Example: Starting with polar bears trying to remain afloat on what is left of the polar caps our camera eventually drifts to Staten Island NY where we find the Statue of Liberty wearing a child's floating device and behind her a smoggy, soggy, bustling NY City trying to maintain business as usual while immersed halfway underwater.


Research/Sources: You will need the following basic sources. 

    1. The Problem: A single paragraph summing up the problem that your PSA will be addressing with links to at least three reputable articles that further describe the problem and its potential consequences.
    2. Artist Statement: Up to two paragraphs describing why you/your team personally feel it is important to address this issue.  In other wards, address the question, "why should I care?"
    3. Organizations: Names and links to at least three separate organizations who are actively addressing this concern and brief descriptions of how each are approaching the problem.
    4. Data: List as least five compelling statistics that help to make your case that this is an issue that needs to be reckoned with.
    5. Response: A list of at least five things individuals can do to effect change in this particular area of concern.



    1. Strategy: List what media you envision this concept being completed in (3D Computer, Stop Motion, Traditionally Drawn, Digital Cut-outs, etc.) and the reasons you have for this choice. 
    2. Media Examples: (4 films): Show four examples of media that has been used in a similar way to effect change in your particular subject. 
    3. Inspirational Images (8-12 images): Use these images to convey a visual direction for your piece. Use frame grabs from films, illustrations, drawings and photographs that have similar uses of color, design or just an overall feel that will inform future design choices for your piece.
    4. Reference Images (8-12 images):

      For characters pull from a range of sources including historical reference, live action actors, illustrations, etc. These materials should reflect both historical period and historical genre and physical attributes.

      For environments help us to understand the setting for your piece. This might include examples from landscapes, interiors or exteriors. Feel free to include props and architectural details to give a feel for the historical time and place of your piece.

Story Beats:

    1. Panel Pitch: Your final piece will clock in under one minute.  (Allow 3 seconds for a title, 30/40 seconds for animation, and 10/20 seconds for information and call to action). At this early stage a panel pitch is preferred over an edited storyreel.  This will leave room for feedback and adjustment before diving into the completed reel/animatic.  Tone is helpful but not mandatory