Using the basic drawing we developed in class create at least 12 thumbnail drawings on a single page.

Feel free to draw on paper or digitally. You can either compose them all on a single page or use Photoshop to compose them later.

Draw small using only basic forms and gestures to explore your characters range of physical action.


Example: The image below of a pose sheet that a Pixar artist did for Boo in Monster's Inc. Click for full image.

More Examples:

Characters Designs:

UPA Character Designs:

Pose Sheets:


Workflow: If you use Photoshop use "Save as" (CMD,Shift,S) to save a .jpg image from your file the original file. If you draw them on paper you can scan them, shoot them on your phone, or use the Downshooter "test Image" in Dragonframe. Use whatever image edit tools you have available to 'sweeten" the final image and submit to Class Folder/@DROPBOX.  






Principles of Animation that apply directly to the Circle Boogie assignment: