Before presenting your projects you will want to have the following elements on hand and uploaded to the srProject_pitch_02_storyDesign folder on Google Drive.

1. Treatment/Written Elements may include: Working title, project description, controling idea (or theme), plot synopsis, character biographies and sample log lines for multiple episodes

2. Design Workbook may include: Project inspiration, environment concept, color scripts, character explorations, pose sheets, prop sheets and character turn-arounds.

3. Storyreel: As close to final timings as possible the Storyreel should include scratch musical score and stand-in sound effects.

4. Director's notes on Sound Design: You'll want to include a description of how you see the role music plays in your final piece.  This can range from a general overview to a scene-by-scene breakdown describing the emotional tone and musical role in every scene.

5. Focused Examples (optional): If you believe it will be helpful, provide a focused sampling of music, short films, or teasers that you feel best exemplify the role that music will play in your project. You may also want to provide a breakdown document explaining how each example relates to your project.


Please include all pitch elements in a single parent folder named and formated accordingly:

Parent Folder: simpsonB_workingTitle_storyDesignPitch

pdf file: simpsonB_workingTitle_01_treatment.pdf

pdf file: simpsonB_workingTitle_02_designWorkbook.pdf

movie file: simpsonB_workingTitle_03_storyreel.mp4

word doc: simpsonB_workingTitle_04_soundDesignNotes.doc

folder: simpsonB_workingTitle_05_mediaExamples























Stephan Leeper/Central Michigan University 2019